Musings…thoughts… why do people talk into Instagram? I don’t understand the need to make “stories”. I don’t think I will want to talk into Instagram to make a story. I will forever love blogs.

Other musings… I’m starting to wonder if I am really turning into a homebody. I take the kids to school then come home to work, clean and cook and really have no desire to go anywhere. It’s the same in the evenings and my days off, I’d always rather be at home. This is a complete 360 to my previous life, which was go-go-go. Getting older?

My cleaning lady quit because she found a more permanent job, which in the end is a blessing in disguise. I’ve been wanting to have her stop coming because I have the time to clean and it’s a waste of money but I just didn’t know how to end it. So now I’ve set up a cleaning schedule for the week to tackle the cleaning. Everyday a different room or surface. If only I could manage a laundry schedule!

Have a great Thursday!

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