Update on speding freeze, one week in

We’ve been in one week of trying to not spend money. I think we’ve done really well with food shopping. We used an app to have our groceries delivered which keeps us from impulse spending at the supermarket. We have used it twice, bit only for necessities, such as meat and fresh fruit and vegetables. So far it has helped with not spending as we are not going to the store to get anything and also picking up a few other random objects on the way. I’ve meal planned and focused on food we have so there is no last minute grocery store runs needed.

I had a few big necessities to take care pf this month that I couldn’t avoid. Raffi needed a need car seat since had outgrown his last one and was visibly uncomfortable in it. I spent a week shopping around on Amazon until I finally decided on one that was what I was looking for at a good price. I also needed to buy the kids new sneakers, Felicity’s were falling apart and Raffi had outgrown his. I also researched for both of their pairs and decided on a cheaper pair fo Raffaello since he goes through them so quickly and a more expensive pair for Felicity since she doesn’t outgrow shoes quickly but she also seems to ruin shoes quickly so she needs a pair that will hold up. One change I made for myself was coloring my hair back to a more natural color to avoid having to color it every few weeks and spending more and more money.

Lastly, we need to buy new clothes for a First Communion in the beginning of June so that will be the end of big expenses for us this month. I will update soon on how we’re doing with the budget.

Photos from this week:

Felicity on her school field trip:

Raffi in his new car seat:

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