Catching Up

What has been going around here? We have been trying to enjoy the short spurts of sunshine and warm weather when it isn’t raining, which seems to be often these past few weeks. I feel like we get closer to summer and then a rainy, cold, windy day comes to remind us we’ve still got time until summer.

I have been walking in an effort to get exercise. Ever since I fell I am afraid to run. Walking has been a blessing though, slowing down and noticing everything in town has led me to discover a lot of stores and things I’ve never seen before. I found a cute Bulgarian shop run by a sweet Bulgarian woman who was so excited to introduce me to Bulgarian food. I’ve also noticed a few clothing stores I’ve never seen.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on my anxiety around food with my therapist and listening to inspirational podcasts about intuitive eating and healthy relationships about food. My therapist urged me to talk to my psychiatrist about the food anxiety as eating disorders are anxiety disorders. My psychiatrist prescribed me a long term, long release dose of Xanax to help with the anxiety of eating. I’m taking it now but hopefully soon I can reach a point of keeping the anxiety under control on my own.

Raffi is talking so much now, he has new words every day. He mimics his sister and wants to do everything she does, down to taking a purse out with him. Felicity has turned into a little girl, no longer a toddler. She loves to play outside and to be “boss” when she plays with her brother and cousin. They are both doing well at school, Felicity has many friends and loves her teachers. Raffi is happy to go to school every day and I believe a lot of his speech improvements is related to his teachers at school. Raffi will continue in the fall his same school and we are deciding now if Felicity will stay at the public school or go to the same private preschool as Raffi.

Have a good weekend!

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