May is Mental Health Awareness Month and finding a niche

What should my blog focus on is a question I am always thinking about. I’m not sure where to go with it. I want to follow a pattern, not post random subjects. Living abroad and raising children abroad is a niche but it is not a niche I find myself very passionate about. I have been living abroad for 13 years, it’s a part of every day life and I don’t even know where I am “from” anymore. I’m American on paper but I lived most of my adult life in Switzerland, which is what I always find myself missing, not America. I also lived most of my time in Switzerland with my Italian husband and quickly adapted to an “Italian way of life”. Now that we live in Italy, moving here wasn’t a huge culture shock.

One thing I find myself passionate it about is food, intuitive eating, and eating disorder recovery. Also PPD and depression in general. So that being said, I’m going to focus blog on mental health, with a little daily life thrown in as well. As well as the difficulties that arise when you must express yourself in a foreign language to a therapist.

To leave you with a picture of my breakfast today, simple and perfect, Cheerios with a banana:

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