Eco, Green or Sustainable

I have been cleaning up our life one step at a time. I want to move us to a more enviromentally friendly lifestyle. We bought Raffaello reusable diapers for at home and biodegradable ones for school and if we need them while we are out. We already eat very local, mostly from my in-laws garden and I try to save as much money as possible and not waste food. I meal plan in order to not need to buy extra ingredients.

I am now trying to buy most of the food that we do buy to be organic and for all of our products to also be natural. This is a difficult endeavour where we live though, I have searched through our local stores for organic cleaning products and don’t usually find many products. I am also spending more time shopping around to find material products that need to be sustainable (Raffi is in dire need of a new backpack for school after he lost his…).

Amongst all of this, I am continuining with yoga daily. If I don’t find time to come to the mat, I feel like something is missing. Yoga has helped me considerably with depression and anxiety.



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