Summer Heat, head on.

The heat of the summer has hit us full on. Temperatures have been reaching 100F for nearly everyday for a week. After 13 years of living abroad, without a/c, my body has acclimated a bit to the hot temperatures and it doesn’t affect me like it did years ago. You know to not go outside during the heat of the day (unless its the pool), eat cold and light foods, always have cold water in the fridge, eat plenty of fruit (melons are so good now, especially when eaten cold from the fridge…) take a cooler shower (or 2…), etc. Does anyone else get “melon belly”, as I’ve come to think of it as? When you eat too much melon and your tummy is so full (from essentially all the water in the melons).

We beat the heat yesterday by taking the kids to see Pets 2 at the movies. It was Raffaello’s first time and he did so well. He sat in his seat and didn’t make a noise the entire time until it was over and the lights came on and he said “Oh, finished!”. We spent the rest of the evening at the little funfair outside the mall/theater, got quick dinners at the food court (Toastiamo will let you choose your ingredients for a sandwich,so it was my best vegan option… I had a really good avocado, tomato, grilled eggplant, and rucola sandwich).

After dinner the kids literally run through the mall while I managed to pop into a few stores and picked up some much needed shorts and pajamas. These shorts are a size bigger and much needed because I am done trying to be a smaller size by paying too much attention to what I am eating. My body is naturally about 138/140 lbs and I know by having clothes that fit that body comfortably I will ultimately be more comfortable in my own skin.

Have a great Sunday!


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