The Days Pass

Nothing has changed here, the days pass. It’s been raining the past few days so we haven’t even been able to go outside like we were last week. The kids have spent their days playing, watching Disney movies, painting, and doing a little bit of “school work”. I have read a few books since we’ve been in quarantine. I read when the kids watch a movie or if they’re busy playing by themselves. Yesterday was cold enough that there was snow on top of Vesuvius in the morning.

I went out yesterday to the supermarket, I was very happy to find the last two remaining sachets of yeast. It’s become such a hot item here. The supermarket was stocked well this time, nothing was in shortage, except yeast.

There has been a local case here, of a man who works/owns a nearby “salumeria” or deli. Umberto went there last Friday and of course had contact with the man, everyone had gloves and masks on of course. I’m assuming they stayed a meter apart. When he got home, Umberto told me the man had a bad cough. He tested positive two days ago. For now, Umberto is working from home, self isolation for two weeks. But Umberto is fine, we are fine, no one has showed any symptoms yet. The governor of Campania has extended quarantine until April 14, the situation will be the reevaluated in two weeks.. The number are climbing in Campania, not exponentially like in the North, but there are at least 100 new cases a day.

I am truly shocked by how the US is handling this situation. People still go to restaurants for take out, drive around from big box store big box store. Some seem to think it’s a hoax. Trump thinks it will all be over by April 12. The number have surpassed China in the US. They need much stricter measures to be taken. It’s terrifying to watch this explode in the US. Italy was scary, but I think the US will be hit worse, much worse.



Snow on Vesuvius

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