A weekend in quarentine

The weekend passed quickly. Saturday the kids played outside a little and we made pizza in the evening for dinner. I did an online yoga class with my studio back in Illinois, it’s a nice way to connect with them.

Sunday, the kids played outside some more and Felicity and I made croissants. The days always feel more or less the same. The only changes are if it rains and we can’t get outside for awhile. The fresh air really helps the day pass easier and the kids are less restless if they get time to run around outside.

I am trying the stay upbeat as possible but the days can be very long and boring. The governer has Campania has extended the quarentine until April 14, but the federal government has not extended it past April 3rd, yet. I don’t think things will go back to normal even April 14. Now as I write this I can hear the police driving around with loud speakers telling people to stay inside.

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