Mental Check-In

It’s April 2nd, the second month of quarantine begins. A week ago the governor of Campania said that quarantine in Campania would be extended until April 14th and last night the president extended the federal quarantine until April 14th. He said he doesn’t know what will happen April 14th, the situation has to be reevaluated closer to that day. The situation in Italy seems to be improving, the number of new cases has gone down every day as well as the number of deaths (though that number is still alarmingly high).

We’ve created a bit of routine at home. The morning they do a bit of school work, color, and play. We go outside if it isn’t raining. We eat lunch and watch a Disney movie. We go back outside or paint, play, and watch something educational on Nat Geo Kids before they take baths, eat dinner and get ready for bed. The kids’ mental health is fine, they are happy.

I’m fine but I miss being able to leave go grab a coffee at the bar, to have the possibility to take my kids with me to the supermarket or to the park. They’ve asked many times about going to the park. I’m nervous we won’t be able to go to the US this summer. I’m nervous about the uncertainty of my work at this moment. I still haven’t been paid for February, my boss is angry with me for telling a parent about the lack of salary to help them understand why I wasn’t sending much homework.

There’s nothing that can be done at this moment and I find calm in knowing that we have all we need, my husband’s job is secure. I take each day by day.

Yesterday was cold and windy but I still bundled up the kids and took them outside to play. They had a great time throwing rocks, sticks and leaves in the puddles. Today it’s warmer and less windy so hopefully we will spend more time outside. I’m also going to try to get 10,000 steps today somehow! I’ll do circles around my apartment all day.

Have a good Thursday!



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