Easter in quarantine

Our Easter in quarantine was super relaxed. I enjoyed it more than previous Easters honestly. I am not a fan of celebrating holidays here in Italy. The biggest thing is obviously the lack of my family but also the lack of my culture. There’s nothing about American traditions during any holiday here. I usually end spending holidays sad that I am not with my family and that there is nothing familiar to me about me Neapolitan holidays.

Also the food gets isn’t something I like. Italian food is good, for sure. But holidays in Naples are ALL ABOUT FOOD, the same traditional food without a tiny change to it every year. It’s always too much and too heavy and usually end up feeling too full and with a stomachache. I don’t associate any happy feelings with the food eaten at these holidays here.

This year though, it was just my husband and my kids. Umberto is an excellent cook and he wanted to make a “different” meal at Easter than what we normally have with his family. In the end though, we decided we didn’t want a huge meal and decided to make the menu he had planned out over a course of time. We made the appetizer for lunch, it was a radiccio and parmesan dish and he made the stuffed chicken rolls for dinner (I didn’t eat the chicken, I had leftover pizza). Tomorrow we’ll make the pasta dish he planned. We at the traditional Neapolitan Easter pie his sister made for made.

In the morning the kids had a little Easter egg hunt outside and opened their Easter baskets. In the afternoon we played outside until it was time to come in for dinner. Typical day here in quarantine.

The Italian government has extended this “phase one” of quarantine until May 3rd. The only exception is that children’s clothing stores (not in malls though) may reopen from Tuesday. After May 3rd, we should begin “phase two”. No word on schools but speculation is elementary and preschools/daycares may not be reopen even in September.

Hope you had a good Easter!

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