The children’s clothing stores have opened now on Tuesday and Friday mornings. My kids desperately needed some new spring clothes so I left the kids with their nonna for a couple of hours and walked to a kids clothing store in town. It was so nice to go for a relatively long walk in the fresh air. I was actually surprised by the number of people out and about. It seemed as though some people obviously aren’t taking the quarantine very strictly. There were a few men hanging around in the “piazza” talking despite the fact that were police patrolling, but it didn’t seem like they were giving any tickets.

We still have no idea when schools will reopen but the current speculation is September, at the earliest. Other countries in Europe have already given dates to reopen before the end of this school year but I can’t see that happening here, new cases were still near 4,000 yesterday. Campania had a low day on Tuesday but jumped back up the past two days.

I’ve started an online yoga teacher training course. Yoga Alliance (the governing body more or less of yoga in the States) never allowed for online teacher training but due to the COVID pandemic, they have allowed online training to certain schools if completed in a timely manner. I decided to take advantage and have started a training, if for anything, its something for me to “accomplish” during this time. I’ve been working on it the past two days when I get the chance.

We’ve been the same as always in quarantine this past month. Felicity has been asking a lot about when we are going to “Grandma’s”. I’ve told her as soon as we think its safe, I hope soon. I’m getting itchy feet to get out of here. My dislikes about living here are only magnified when you are stuck in quarantine for months on end. I try to remember every day that I am strong and we will get through this. Take this day to day, moment to moment. Remember I have everything I need and to fulfill my purpose, my dharma, for the moment which is to be a mom to my kids and wife to my husband. Dharma is ever changing and it will change again when this all over.

Magna tiles, the all time favorite quarantine toy.
Fort building on a rainy, cold day.

Have a good Friday!

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