The Quarantine is Over

It’s been nearly two months since I have updated my blog. The quarantine is over, for the most part. Three weeks, we began “phase two”, which opened stores, restaurants, bars, hair salons, parks and allowed free movement within your region (or state ). June 3rd regional borders and the international borders to the EU will reopen. We are allowed to go about our lives as normal now with regulations of wearing a mask when in public (in Campania you will have a  400 Euro fine if you don’t have a mask) and keeping a meter of distance from others.

I have been working since last week. I changed jobs during the quarantine. I was extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to find a job during that time. I am working for a new Montessori school opening in September. Now, we are offering visits for the prospective parents, organizing for the next year and hopefully we will be given the green light to open a summer camp. I am so grateful for this job, I am a Montessori teacher and have not found a true Montessori school in Naples and had given up on my dreams of working in Montessori since when came here.

The last months of the quarantine passed in a blur, the kids played outside in the garden most of the time. I am so grateful we have a garden or those months would have been very difficult.

Have a good Friday!





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